• Co-ordinating & Selecting

    Coll Creations can provide clients with expert advice on how to go about co-ordinating and selecting an overall look for their business/home or how to adapt a co-ordinating effect for an existing room(s) in terms of materials, colors, designs and accessories.

  • Manufacturing

    Coll Creations Specialize in the creation and manufacture of our own designs. This involves taking raw materials and in our factory environment fulfilling the agreed design brief.

  • Fixing

    Coll Creations complete their professional service by traveling to the clients business/home to place the creations requested. This includes all upholstery installation and window dressing.

  • Revamping

    Coll Creations Specializes in taking existing fabrics, such as curtains, using the material to revamp it into a split new design. This is almost like taking an old suite of furniture and recovering it, but can be applied to practically any fabric in a clients business/home. This is interior design at its economic best.

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